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Chinese Bodywork, otherwise known as Tuina (pronounced Twee-nah), is a traditional form of bodywork which pre-dates Acupuncture and utilises the same acu-points and meridians.

The practitioner uses a combination of hand and forearm techniques, bamboo rollers,stretching and Spinal manipulations to gently loosen joints, lengthen tendons and soften muscles. This helps the body and patient relax.

What Does It Treat?

  • General aches & pains
  • Aids relaxation & de-stresses
  • Neck & shoulder pains/stiffness
  • Back ache
  • Sports enhancement
  • Improves circulation

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    Tuina and Cupping therapy uses the same acu-points and meridians as Acupuncture but rather than needles various hand techniques and manipulations are utilised.

    All treatments are done clothed on a couch and/or chair, sometimes chinese oils are used to ease painful lower backs or necks and shoulders. All treatments will flush out toxins, reduce tight muscular knots and improve overall flexibility.

    Regular Tuina bodywork can also be taken once a month to maintain overall health and wellbeing.


    TUINA/CUPPING Treatment (60 mins)...£45
    4 x Treatment Package......£160 (pre-paid)

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